Wholesale & Distribution

Vllusion Headquarters 

Are you a convenient store, club, bar, hotel or any other kind of retail business and are looking for a way to generate a second steady stream of revenue with a proven product? Do you want to take advantage of the growing ecig trend? Our high-quality products are lab tested and is backed by a 30-day guarantee. Vllusion’s e-cigarettes products are proven to provider a highly satisfactory customer experience ensuring that resellers receive repeat business. Starting with our beautiful all in one display stands to laboratory made organic eliquids Vllusion has everything you need to start your new business off right.

Vllusion doesn’t only cater to retail locations. Our six years’ experience in the industry has made us a leader in eliquid manufacturing. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced locally. Vllusion has become the largest Canadian eliquid manufacturer and is currently supplying many existing vape shops, distributors and wholesalers all over North America. Being the very first Ecig Company in Canada, Vllusion has gained extensive market research in this industry. We know and understand customer’s needs. It’s quite simple; if customers are not confident and fully satisfied when smoking our products then they aren’t coming back.

Our research shows:

• With every 1000 customer purchases, 18% bought two or more times from other brands before switching to Vllusion.
• Others reported they were unsure what ingredients were in eliquids and how they are made. They were not certain if it was any safer than traditional cigarettes.
• Others reported side effects like headaches, nausea, and sore throat
• Fortunately, Vllusions repeat customer percentage is approximately 42%. We feel this is due to our quality ingredients, unique production techniques, and desire to eliminate issues found in other brands devices and eliquids.


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